This is Halloween, This is Halloween!

Post a photo of your activity/preparations for Halloween.

  1. Vote for your favorite photo(s) posted by fellow advocates.
  2. Simple as that! What are you doing to get yourself into the Halloween spirit?
  3. Who ever has the most votes will get a $50 Amazon gift card!

Joan queen of hearts.pdf

Here I am dressed as the "Queen of webcasts".

Sister and I LOVE making our Halloween costumes.

Nup don’t need to dress up already scare the kids away with a boo and grr haha

I'll be spending the day as a Monkey walking around wtih my pet Lion.

Image title

Image title

Jessica Owen.pdf


Jessica! You're our winnner :)

Thanks for sharing!! Cheers, Tiffany aka Queen of the Webinerds

You're so cute! Thank you!

Awesome! Loved this!

Holy Guacamole it’s Halloween!

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My butterfly costume with my BFF skeleton friend. :slight_smile: IMG_1074

I am Pumpkin Spice NVIDIA Webinerd!

This one was my all time favorite from several years back.

18th Century Webinerd

I am the Witch of Webinerds … casting a spell on all you to produce even more Webinars in 2020, my pretties !!!

We had a good time at the office last Thursday.

Social Butterfly!

I didn’t dress up for Halloween this year but i loved seeing everyone’s costumes!